We've been operating for 35+ years, just look at our EC Number (EC00171)


▪︎ Design & Install ▪︎ Upgrades
▪︎ Maintenance ▪︎ Power Loss
▪︎ 24/7 Emergency Support
▪︎ Feature Lighting ▪︎ Cabling and Wiring
▪︎ Safety Switches ▪︎ Smoke Alarms & more!



  • Design, engineering, construction, fit outs, install and maintenance

  • New projects, alterations, additions and upgrades

  • Fire detection warning and control systems


Home Automation ▪︎ Lighting ▪︎ TV Install
▪︎ Fault Finding ▪︎ Security Cameras
▪︎ LED Downlights ▪︎ Feature Lighting
▪︎ Safety Switches ▪︎ Smoke Alarms
▪︎ Computer Networking and Antennas
▪︎ Telephone and Internet outlets
▪︎ Oven installs/repairs & more!

Lost power? We’ll help 24/7

If you've lost power or your circuit breaker or safety switch keeps tripping, call us and we'll try talk you through the fault first. If we can't resolve it over the phone, then we'll send someone out to help you.

We don't want you paying for an electrician after-hours if we can talk you through to a solution.

Call us: 9434 3333